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BizFrame is an application platform specialist that helps teams and businesses around the world transform the way they work.
BizFrame Platform as a Service
BizFrame’s Enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) enables companies to quickly develop, run and manage any web-based business application without the traditional complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure.

Our platform can create a flexible solution, keeping up with your changing business needs.

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Our Solutions to Business
As an Executive, you need to ensure that your business is versatile enough to endure challenges and adapt to changing aspects in the marketplace. One of these challenges involves the allocation of additional resources and infrastructure, when managing 
inter-departmental business processes and workflows, as your company grows.
Business Process Applications
Our reliable and powerful App
Platform will allow you to easily
implement, seamlessly integrate and
actively manage your business Apps in order to achieve maximum
productivity whilst minimising
operating costs.

By automating repetitive processes and tasks through our App Platform, your business will experience the tangible and positive results that will soon differentiate you from your competitors.
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Mobile Contract Management
Our application allows our clients to solve the challenges associated with mobile contract management by providing an effective way to manage contracts from the BizFrame Portal. 

Our application allows for easy enterprise mobile contract management, which is the basis for enabling the mobility of your workforce
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ERP Management Applications
Our ERP application allows our clients to use a system of combined applications to manage their business and automate many of their office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Our application integrates all aspects of an operation from planning to development, manufacturing and marketing.
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